Add Custom Post Type with Custom Meta Boxes in WordPress

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Get Static Blocks in Magento

Open page.xml and find the footer block


Replace “my_static_block” with your Static Block Identifier and add that block next to


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Display Product Description in Magento

Attributes -> Manage Attributes -> Description:
Visible on Product View Page on Front-end -> YES

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Change Store Switcher to Links in Magento

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Get Twitter Follower Count With PHP

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LESS CSS Quick Setup

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Enable Template/Block Hints in Admin Panel on Magento

Anyone that has developed a theme in Magento knows how helpful template/block hints are. They help quickly identify which files are being loaded for a specific page.

Magento’s admin panel uses the exact same design pattern as the frontend (layouts + blocks + templates). If you’ve ever done any modifications to the Magento admin panel, you’ve […]

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Add Sidebar Cart into Header in Magento

1) Copy the the block for the cart side bar:

2) Open up app\design\frontend\default\default\layout\page.xml (assuming you are using the default design or didn’t create a new page.xml file in your own templates)
Find the code :
//near line 58
Within that block, you will see other sub-blocks.
Paste your new block in there. Add the […]

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Check If Custom Attribute Option Is Selected in Magento

no worries,

ok here is an example i use to get the colour for a product.
Now let me preface this by saying you need to make sure the data is actually being pulled into the page.
For example in the catalog.xml are you putting in the following attribute details?


Then in my product\list.phtml page i have […]

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Load Javascript From Theme Skin in Magento

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